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Space Time Records was founded by Xavier Felgeyrolles in 1995, and the first album was released September 1996.The label was born in the back of a piano store from an improvised “after hours” piano solo of Donald Brown, which became the first album to be released on Space Time Records: “Piano Short Stories”. However this is not exactly where and when this great adventure started… In fact, the first meeting between Donald Brown & Xavier Felgeyrolles occurred in 1989 and the idea of a musical and publishing collaboration was unconsciously retained to the back of their minds –until that evening of piano, jazz and friendship. Since then, Space Time Records has released many albums starring Donald Brown, prized by critics and large audiences all over the world.


Around the same time, mid 90’s, the late Walter H. Squindo, a great fan of the Memphis jazz pianists, joined the label and brought a couple of unreleased recordings produced by the pianist James Williams together with the legendary pianist Charles Thomas and the great drummer Alan Dawson (the only album recorded under his name). Around the same time, next to Donald Brown, the trumpeter & arranger Bill Mobley became another pillar of the label with his big band recording “Live at Small’s” with “Bill Mobley Orchestra” (1998) and many more.


Over the last 20 years Space Time Records has released some very unique and rare albums with great multi national jazz musicians from several generations and from different countries. The label has always campaigned for and been committed to tradition and all those who created the language of jazz, and remains open to new talents and new adventures.

Can we say that jazz makes man joyful?

The regulars to the festival Jazz en Tête know the answer: jazz can be compared to wine. It has its varieties, its production techniques, its soils and its vintages. It has become universal and just like wine, it can exhilarate as Duke Ellington phrased it in his famous title, “It doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”.

But swing, however it is declined, is not the only intoxicating element in a form of music in which the rhythms,

colors and sounds interact. Just like the special alchemy that operates in the production of wine – vintage wines not the adulterated varieties that are invading the market – swing  represents a triumph of life over bland substitutes; jazz must possess that shadow of an extra something the other musical forms of music don’t have, a hundred

year-old antidote to the everyday mundane sounds.


Concerts 2017

- Roy Hargrove

- E.J. Strickland

- Donald Brown

As with his writing, Kenneth Brown

has touches of hip-hop and R&B to add to

his deep traditional jazz approach in his drumming. About his album, he says "I wanted to make a CD that was real bluesy and with a strong groove. I feel like a lot of the more modern jazz has lost that soulful bluesy feeling, so I wanted to be sure to showcase it in my music. I also wanted this project to incorporate all the elements from the range of my musical influences, from Jazz, funk, rap and R&B, but at the end of it have it still feel like a jazz album."

Baptiste Herbin “Space Time” Quartet

Album “DREAMS AND CONNECTIONS” release date:

NEW MORNING – April 4th, 2018

Special Guests

Eduardo Farias

Darryl Hall

Ali Jackson

With “Dreams and Connections”, the prodigious saxophonist Baptiste Herbin takes us to Brazil, which has become almost his adopted country: he often performs there and speaks the language fluently. The presence of the young and wonderful pianist Cariocas Eduardo Farias attests, as the choice of a repertoire of the most universal exhaling the Brazilian popular music. Driven by a large rhythm section of the most complicit, Darryl Hall on bass and Ali Jackson on drums, no one can judge how much Baptiste Herbin is particularly dazzling.

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